Iron Age Celts for Kids - Stonehenge Illustration

Ancient Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man
The Celts & Stonehenge

Stonehenge is a collection of huge and oddly shaped rocks, and one of the world's most recognized prehistoric monuments. For a long time, people believed the ancient Druids built Stonehenge.

Scientists today, using modern methods of dating, know that Stonehenge was built around 2800 BCE, long before the Iron Age Celts arrived in Britain. Nobody knows who built Stonehenge or why it was built.

However, since the Stone Age Celts believed that demons and spirits were everywhere, most historians agree that the Druids probably used Stonehenge for religious ceremonies, although they did not build it.

The Stone Age Celts were a creative and imaginative people. It was the Celts who invented fairies and elves. How could such a people resist assigning importance to this awesome collection of huge towering rocks? They might have believed it was a special entrance to the Otherworld, or a place of special healing. Nobody knows for sure. For many reasons, Stonehenge remains an unsolved mystery.

Today, Stonehenge is a tourist attraction in Britain.

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