Iron Age Celts for Kids - Celtic Festivals Illustration

Ancient Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man
Celtic Festivals

Celtic Festivals:

Festivals were very important to the ancient Celts. Festivals were held for many reasons - to honor their gods, to cement clan relationships, to provide a place for the young to meet and marry, and to provide recreation for members of the clan, rich and poor. Some festivals were just for men, others were just for women. Most festivals were for everyone. Festivals were common.

At festivals, people competed in games and contests of skill and strength. They sang and listened to music. There was a great deal of drinking. The Celts made a honey-based beer called mead. Fights would break out on occasion. And always, at festivals, or any time, the ancient Celts spent a great deal of time boasting and bragging and telling stories.


Dancing, like music, was a joyous activity to the ancient Celts. At festivals, the ancient Celts might dance an Irish jig or a Scottish reel. As long as it was lively and athletic, they loved it.

Beltane or May Day (May 1)



Saint Patrick's Day