Iron Age Celts for Kids - The Druids Illustration

Ancient Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man
The Druids

The Celts believed that demons and spirits were everywhere. They believed that omens and portents were everywhere. They counted on their priests, the druids, to keep them safe from trouble. The druids were responsible for all religious rituals, because the only person who could talk to a god was a druid.

The druids were the soothsayers, the seers, the teachers, the doctors, the philosophers, and the lawyers in Celtic society. To become a druid, you had to study with the druids for at least twenty years. The druids had their own universities. There was a lot to learn.

The Celtic people went to the druids for everything. If a child was sick, you went to your druid, who might cure the child with medicine they made from a plant. If two fines were having a fight over a boundary, a druid would decide who was right and who was mistaken. If a raven flew over a homestead, the fine might want to know what it meant. To find out, you asked the druids.

Druids were members of a clan like everyone else. They were highly respected, and powerful. Druids decided who could get married, who inherited, and established the honor price for each individual in their clan.

Honor Price: Your honor price was your worth. If you accidentally injured or killed someone, your fine had to pay the honor price of the person you hurt. If more than one person was involved, the bill was split equally between all the guilty parties. Monies went to the injured person's fine.

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