Iron Age Celts for Kids - Artisans & the Celtic Cross Illustration

Ancient Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man
Celtic Cross


Celtic art is full of patterns, spirals, animals and color. Like their daily life, their art was lively. They made colorful jewelry, fabulous fabrics, beautiful pottery, musical instruments, shapely figurines of bronze and gold, strong wheels for carts and wagons and strong weapons out of iron.

Artisans were highly respected. They did not owe any military service to the nobles. They did not work in the fields. If they were talented, they gained wealth and comfort. They were free to travel and sell their goods to other clans. Artists were appreciated and encouraged.

Celtic Cross:

The Celtic cross, popular for over a thousand years, was not designed by the Celts until the early middle ages. But Celtic knots, the designs used on the cross, have been around much longer than that. The Celts are famous for their designs of knots. These designs appear on crosses, jewelry, sword handles, and fabrics.

What is Celtic and what is knot?

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